Byungil Lee / Youmi Yang majored ballet and modern dance in Kyung-Hee University We believe ballet class gives not only healthy body but also positive mind. Excercising the ballet is not simple, it's a philosophycal and physical journey. It gave us both the challenges and the rewards. In our cases, through practices of ballet excercise of 30 years long, we could carve those certain experiences to the body and mind and soul. Fortunately these kinds of experiences have became the basic ground of company. Every ideas are came from the experiences of ballet excercises. Whenever we fall into the worries about business problems and more of life, the excercises of ballet class gave us a strength to overcome.

In May 1994, we had begun the ballet academy in Pucheon of Kyunggi Province of South Korea. At that moment we needed a ballet barre. But we could not find the balletbarre in South Korea. So we made it. That was the beginning of company.

Already 18 years have passed away. Nowadays everyone who need balletbarres can buy on the internet. We feel proud that we are the pioneer in the web market of balletbarre in South Korea.

Well, we hope the Barreinabag of our company to become a best selling balletbarre in the world market. The name Barreinabag was given by Nick and Fyona living in Farnham near London of UK. The name barreinabag is very special to our company. We would like to give special thanks for the brilliant idea and concerns of them.

We and company members are always trying to make more comfortable balletbarres and convenient equipments for dancers.

Youmi Yang Byungil Lee
B.A , School Of Dance   Ph.D., Public Administration
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