From 1994
Dance, dance ... otherwise we are lost.
- by Pina Bausch
How can we sustain the healthy life through all the ages?
There are many ways to get the healthy life. Among them dance is a unique and very special. As we know dancers are extremely atheletic. They have been trained for a long period, and became dancers at last.

In the movie PINA by Wim Wenders, people can see aged dancers and younger dancers too. They all look skinny but in reality they are stronger and healthier than any athlete. And more they move quick and dance nicely. They express all kinds of emotion of human beings with whole body. These are love, freedom, joy, reunion, beauty, strength, despair as seen at the movie PINA. Their effective expression comes from their healthy and trained body of soul. Dancers are healthy in many ways. Pina has showed it and proved it with her dance movie.

The name of the company Tanz originated from admiring the dance.

- mourning the PINA BAUSCH
Patent of Dancefloor Patent number : 0515790
Patent of Movable Balletbarre Patent number : 0316027
Patent of Fixed Balletbarre Patent number : 30-0534303
VENTURE COMPANY Tanz Co.,Ltd has been designated as a venture company by Korean government in 2013.
COMPANY IDENTITY Tanz Co.,Ltd uses the word Tanz of German as a representative of company.
BARRE IN A BAG Barreinabag is the latest type of goods toward global brand. The brand name barreinabag was given by Nick and Fyona living in Farnham of UK.
CREATED FOR EXERCISING AT HOME Every dancers want to dance in anytime in anywhere. TanzHome is a solution.
LOGO The logo was designed from the picture, using balletbarre by the daugher of C.E.O.
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