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Cooperation beyond competition for development! Tanz Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of equipments and facilities for ballet. Members of Tanz Co., Ltd. has been developed a various of solutions for balletbarre, subfloor, dancefloor and construction of dance space. Balletbarre made by Tanz Co., Ltd. by the founder who majored modern dance in KyungHee Univ. has become a famous product in Korea and Japan.

During the three years of exhibition in London from 2010 to 2012 Tanz Co., Ltd. has been exhibited to the participators of the world. Especially, meeting Daniel Jones who was member of English national ballet company during the exhibition of 2012 was best fortune to us. He and his partners Kei and Daria Klimentova gave us encouragement and praise about balletbarre barreinabag. The idea of name barreinabag of balletbarre was made in 2011 by the Nick and Fyona who was audiences of London Moveit. In many ways London Moveit exhibition gave us the inspirations toward the world market.

Tanz Co., Ltd. is looking for the agencies and stockists. We hope the partners to make chance and take share of ballet market worldwidely together.
Recruitment target : Companies and private business peoples operating related above
Cooperation form :Developing technology and sharing profit
How to apply : Just email or phone call to Tanz Co., Ltd.
Contact to Peter Lee in charge : 82-(0)32-651-3471 (E-mail :
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